Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's Speech... "New Begining"

I will let the pros debate today's speech in Cairo ...However lets take just 1 point...

Nukes Are OK For Iran, But Not For Us?

If Iran has "legitimate energy concerns" that make its nuclear plants OK, doesn't the energy-starved U.S.? Why doesn't Iran, with the second-largest proven oil reserves, just build some refineries?

Normally, a nation with significant oil resources that decides to develop nuclear power would and should be praised for its prudence. Nuclear power is an emission-free domestic form of energy that is good for the environment and the economy.

Except when it's a country that builds missiles instead of refineries and pledges to wipe a neighbor off the face of the earth.

They need NUKE Power? Hell all they have to do is punch a few holes in the ground and build a couple 3 refineries. They don't have to deal with all the piss ants that stop production like we do here. In 1/2 a dozen years they would be the richest country in the mid- east.

They need Nuke so they can blow Israel off the map. How bright do you have to be to know that?

We gonna wait till we have 6 million dead Jews? Isn't that what the world did in the late 30's early 40's?

Now lets take that sentence from the "Investors" article...

"Nuclear power is an emission-free domestic form of energy that is good for the environment and the economy."

Again why would it be ok for Iran but not America " It is good for the "Environment" and the "Economy" Somebody explain to me how this could be good for Iran and not good for America


Baron's Life said...

New beginning to the end...what else?

Baron's Life said...

I'm thinking Israel will strike someday soon...we can't let them have their cake and eat us too

Baron's Life said...

How could anyone ever doubt the Hollucust happened...just as sad as the Isareli parliament denying the Armenian genocide. What goes round comes round as they say...!
We all need to unite and dennounce what is going on....!
Hitler did say...who will remmember the Armenians...go get the Jews...! Well buddy, my maternal Grand Mom was Jew...! and I remember and will continue to do so...! if only in her memory