Friday, June 12, 2009

Biden Loves that boot doesnt he?

Biden Promises Biased Rulings on Sotomayor's Behalf

Biden managed to get his gag off again. He took the opportunity to promote racist Supremes nominee Sonia Sotomayor before an assembly of law enforcement groups:

"So you all are on the front lines. But as you do your job, know that Judge Sotomayor has your back as well," Biden said. "And throughout this nomination process, I know you'll have her back."

The comment touched on the hot-button issue of bias in the debate over Sotomayor, whose confirmation hearings could start as early as July if Democrats have their way."

Biden's handlers got the gag back in his mouth before he could set things to right with a proclamation that Sotomayor would balance her law enforcement views by continuing to discriminate in favor of non-Caucasians.

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Pappy said...

That about says it all