Saturday, June 27, 2009

It passed by 7

In his own Words…

GOP’S Cap - and - Tax 8

So let me do the math here. The house narrowly passes the Biggest Tax increase EVER in the country (aka Global Warming) by a vote of 219-212. Now give me a second here because I’m kind of slow.

219 minus 212 is 7.

Ok, so it passed by 7 votes.

8 Backstabbing, Turncoat Rhinos voted for the bill.

So if they had actually been Republicans the legislation would have lost by 1 vote and the American tax payers would be able to keep some of their money.

If one of these Turncoats is in your district then may I suggest you throw them out of office next time? What is the point in voting for a Republican when they won’t vote like

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