Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goooooooooooooooood Morning....

Ole Rick comes over any time I need some physical help.
Allways there when ya need em.

Rearranged my office with the help of a neighbor. That is my neighbor Rick or Rich he answers to either. I guess since I published this I shoulda told him to tuck in his shirt. LOL OH well I didn't notice when I took the pic. You see he worked up a sweat helpin me out.

At any rate the computer was in front of the black box on the floor. I could not easily get to the CD player / drive or the widget plug ins very well.

After moving it I think I like the computer under the table better. So much more space on the counter. LOL

Maybe had I moved it to the right side on the floor, I could have reached what I needed on the computer and still had it out of the way. I may go through the goat rodeo of moving it again.

Oh well I will see after I give it a few days.

Top that off

With a little late afternoon coffee.
Now ya need some water......

COLD Water

A little afternoon water?

Finish my coffee and go do my Sunday duties... Back after while

Keeps On Ticken

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore.

Liberalism is Socialism with a face.

9% Pelosi

Madame 9 % Pelosi : "Palin is not the right choice"

Nancy Polosi's approval rating.... 9%
Sarah Palin's approval rating....80%

Executive Mom

Executive Mom. It'll drive the Libs nuts! heh heh

This one of Sarah holding precious Trig and her Blackberry needs to be put in front of anybody who claims she can’t be both Mommy and Veep. ( photo from Meghan McCain)

Who Came up with these allready ?

Who Came up with these allready ?

Thanks to

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Artist

This is the guy who is doing this. He makes them faster that it takes em to dry.

This was done with a spray can and a couple pieces of cardboard. Pretty cool ha?

Spend some money

Starbucks on Fremont Street

Wow look at the tasty stuff they have at this Starbucks. Anyway I had a coffee and enjoyed the passersby for a while on Fremont Street.

Late Day thoughts

Heading out for an afternoon of odds&ends chores. Will end up at a cool coffee shop and watch a few tourists. We love them here in Vegas they spend lots of money. Probably end up on Fremont street.
or Will post any good pics I get. Well off I go.
Happy Pappy

Crash 2

.Some neighbor damage.

We had another aircraft crash yesterday and the pilot was the only death in this one. It was a larger aircraft and again a test flt. Thank goodness no one was home.

Plane Crash

I live in North Las Vegas and we have a nice little airport. I worked out of it 20 years ago, of course there were not any houses north of the airport then. Anyway two weeks ago. It was test flight and it had an accident. Killed two folks in the house and the pilot. A total of 3 deaths. Here are a few pics.

This is a tad later at the far end of the short loop.
I about flung my leg off this morning so I had to take it all the way off and put it back on, in public kinda hard to do. Anyway I did it on this bench

My Daily Start...

This is about 20 min after I got to the park this morning. I made 1 loop on the short loop.

I took it easy this morning yesterday I almost set new record for distance for me with new leg.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back from a short outing,
Romeo must check if I brought anything for him.

Next I need to learn to crop.


I have a new camera and a big part of why I am starting this site is Photography. My cat's name is Romeo and he will often be the subject of my camera. So without much ta do here he is doing what he does best.

1st Pic

Well I better post a pic just to see how ya go about it. These pics are old not from my new camera, this is just to check procedure.

That was easy. This is a pic of my M/C helmet, that Eagle is on the left side of my gas tank.

1st Post

This is my first stab at this. I need a new hobby, maybe this could be it.

Maybe I could drum up some help building this. I have several sites I would like to emulate, this part of or that part of to come up with my own.

We, ( LOL who would that be? I guess I have a mouse in my pocket) could start with a name, then a layout. Then I would like to come up with a quote followed by thought or 2 about some current event. Then a pic or 2 a day. Then maybe post 3 or 5 times a week as I learn this and a new camera.

I'll go ahead and post this as I think about it.