Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rearranged my office with the help of a neighbor. That is my neighbor Rick or Rich he answers to either. I guess since I published this I shoulda told him to tuck in his shirt. LOL OH well I didn't notice when I took the pic. You see he worked up a sweat helpin me out.

At any rate the computer was in front of the black box on the floor. I could not easily get to the CD player / drive or the widget plug ins very well.

After moving it I think I like the computer under the table better. So much more space on the counter. LOL

Maybe had I moved it to the right side on the floor, I could have reached what I needed on the computer and still had it out of the way. I may go through the goat rodeo of moving it again.

Oh well I will see after I give it a few days.

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