Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obama Care

Are you prepared for Obama Care?

Every thing he has tried since he has gotten into office has FAILED

Are you prepared for Obama Care?

We haven't got a handle on how much we have spent on "Stimulus" but it is allot. The Vice president says there will be some fraud. If there is even less that 10% fraud there would be millions and millions of dollars stolen. Admitted to by the vice president.

You think about it... He guessed unemployment was going to 8.5% it is over 9% and going to 10 or more. He said he was going to save "X" # of jobs how do you measure saved jobs? We have lost well over 2,000,000 jobs since he has gotten into office.

We can't even count how much he has spent on 'Bail Outs" that have Failed

Hell he is still blaming Bush. When is he going to take responsibility?

He has already spent more that all the Presidents from George Washington to G.W. Bush and he talks about inherited debt?

With all of that and Obama wants us to hand over medical care for the whole country?

Are you Ready for that?

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Baron's Life said...

Pretty scary my friend