Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day Thought

I am so sick of all of Obama's Apologies !!!

No Apologies in this one!!!

If you are just sitting around this guy has put together a sound track of most of "O"'s Apologies.
He compared several past speeches with "O" 's Apologies. Pretty well put together.

Then he put together his Apologies in a Platters Song. It was very good. About the middle of the Fri Show if you just want to scroll and find it. About 40 minutes into the show.

Audio Rewind 06/05

Michael Barry of KTRH in Houston fills in for Mark. Why is the President talking down on America and Israel, and apologizing for what we've done?


Webster World said...

That was a great speech. He was a great President. Maybe the greatest in our time.

Baron's Life said...

This wasn't only a great speech...He was, and still is the greatest President of the World that ever existed. Are you kidding me or what...when he was President elect and they asked him on TV...what he would do about the Iran Hostages and he coyly replied: " Just watch me"...I knew then this guy had balls the size of the Wonder Nancy had an ear to ear smile at all times... little did we know., eh?
He's opne one of the greatest leaders of the World...Mr. Gorbachev did bend down and did bring the wall down...Who the hell gets credit for it as rightly deserved...RR and only Ronald Reagan could, can and did make it happen....The rest my friend is just palin bullshit, period, point fianle...!
Mr. Gorbachev...bring this wall down....! lest we forget