Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Long Day

Went to the Long Beach, CA VA center yesterday for an eval for a “Bionic” leg. I will know the results sometime next week. The whole process was interesting and I believe I did well.

Now I just have to see if VA thinks my mobility and total physical function capabilities would increase $25-30,000.00 worth.
I should know soon.

Now for the rest of the story…

I get up at “O” Damn Dark 30 and head out for the airport. First flt with my new hardware. I am sure I will have to piddle around with airport security. Sure enough it takes a good while to get all thru the system and it was a good thing I got there plenty early.
I barely get sit down to take a break, and the ticket taker lady gets on the horn and lets us waiting to board, that the pilot is not here and they are trying to round 1 up. After about everyone except me walked up to ask questions, she gets back on the horn and says she will keep us informed, when she knows something she will let us know.
About an hour later a pilot that just flew in from PA, strolls over to our gate and we now have a pilot. We load up and head out. I get to LAX grab a cab and off to the VA. Do my little thing and of course the guy can’t hurry it up a bit and I am not about to ask him to LOL. So sure enough I miss my flt back to Vegas. The damn thing is backing out of the gate when I get there. Anyway it was about 5 hrs later I was driving back in my neighborhood and safely home.

Wow I covered some earth yesterday, Whew!!! wore out....

Needless to say it was a long day.

Oh Look what I found. Wonder if I could buy me a samich with it.

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