Monday, June 29, 2009

Amnesty !!!

I have been so P/O ed about the TAX -n- Trade. The lack of the truth being told by almost no one or anyone. The national news should keep the people informed. Informed on all sides of an argument. There is no argument or debate of any facts at all.

I spent the weekend going around and talking in as many different groups as I could and asked about Cap and Trade. The lack of knowledge was astonishing. I could go on about that for a page or two also, but I will move on.

Here is one for you. The Bill they voted on Friday... HR-2554

No one could of read it!

The DAMN thing had NOT been printed yet. So.................
They had to vote on something they had not yet read, and will be the largest TAX increase ever imposed on the people entitled to vote.

OK I will move on LOL …………………

New subject… Amnesty … Here is another one that will be crammed down our throat and almost no one will have ever read it.

Who the HELL writes these things, Bills no one reads.

This CNN Report shows exactly how the majority of Congress feels about the American citizens and the American workforce.

After you see this clip and believe the rest of the country should see it, pass it on!

You can rest assured the Congress who are forcing this down our throats don't want you or anyone else to see this. Unless we have another grassroots upheaval, this will be crammed down our throats. very short order…

It is not really a partisan issue. We are getting slammed by members of BOTH parties as we were by HR 2554

They couldn’t care less about you, the American worker or the impact on all American populace. We're not just headed for Trouble.

America is in BIG TROUBLE!!

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