Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oooooppppps Missed Monday

I had a batch of "Avocados" that were so nice and creamy, the best I have had for a good time. Anyway yesterday I had 4 or 5 eggs that were past their sell by day. A couple pieces of "Honey Oat Bran" bread that was well over a week old.

So I decided to make a "Samitch" that would sandwich.

I should have take pictures at each step but I didn't so I will try to walk thru the steps.

The first thing I did was boil the eggs. An easy thing to do. Put some water in a pan turn up the heat add a pinch or 2 of salt, hell I don't know force of habit.

Then just before it gets to a roaring boil put in a tablespoon or 2 of white vinegar. There are a couple 3 reasons I do that. 1 my mom did it when we were making colored eggs for Easter. She said it made the eggs not crack in the boiling water. I had 4 sisters all much younger than I so we did lots of eggs.

Anther reason just seems to confirm my mom. I saw on food channel some chef do it. Then on food channel I saw Alton Brown do it for some scientific reason. Has to do with the some enzyme, complex proteins in the egg.

Anyway I put vinegar in the water. Then when water is boiling I gently set the eggs in the water. I use 1 of those oriental wire baskets on a stick to put em in the water. Then you want a roaring boil for about 7 to 8 or so minutes.

Then I take em out and put them in a bowl of ice water. They set there for a couple 3 minutes as I get everything cleaned up and put away. Then I peel them under dripping cool water. They peel real easy like that.

This is what a 5 min egg looks like that has set in the water less than 2 minutes when you steal one out of the pot as a taste tester LOL.

The avocado in the picture is the part that did not fit on/in the sandwich.

Back to building a sandwich... Well I had the parts ready neglected to take any pictures, damned if I know....

Looking at the parts I said Ohhhhhh maybe a little cream cheese on one side would nicely enhance the sandwich and tend to hold all the parts together.

So here I go, spread a thin layer of low cal, LOL , cream cheese on one side of the bread.

Then carefully completely cover the bread with medium thick slices of avocado. Where you can see some cheese between slices take a chunk of avocado and smash it into the space. Then carefully drip a few drips of olive oil on the avocado. Don't over do that it will get too mushy. Then a tiny sprinkle o sea salt. Again don't over do it with the salt because we are gonna salt the egg too.

Now carefully cover the avocado with medium slices of hard boiled egg. Where there are some holes between the slices take some left over chunks and fill the holes. When covered the a tiny tad of sea salt.

Now put a tiny bit of butter on the other slice. I think that was a waste of time I used so little there was no butter flavor. I didn't even use enough to make the slice stick to the egg, so it was a waste. If I do it again and decide to use butter, normally a great flavor changer, I would use enough for the bread to stick to the egg.

Then I sliced it up in several parts.

Here is a picture of the layers. As you can see in this one the bread on the bottom does not have any egg holding power Hehehehehe Had to be careful handling the parts.

OHhhhhhhhhhh boy was that a yummy Samitch!!! .

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chessie said...

oh...man, I just had lunch. I'm gonna be gettin me s'more avacados though...ahhhh your killin me here