Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Obama's Selection for the new Chairman of the the Board at GM, Edward E. Whitacre Jr.
In his first interview he said...

“I don’t know anything about cars.”when ask if he had any knowledge of the auto industry?

I guess that would be par for the course with this administration.

Obama needs to get him a Chrysler hat too. Did you see that the Supream court said OK for him to go ahead and steal that one too.

I guess that means he is now the largest of all time of those to Out Source now, with the Fiat Deal / Outsource.


Baron's Life said...

I just finished reading the "Audacity of hope" book written by Obama at 4:00 am this morning...not sure what to think of him...sometimes I think he's so far left that he borders on communism and other times no...mixed bag of emotions here..time will soon tell how we all fare

Pappy said...

It is not like he is hiding his quest for power over every thing.

A glance at his his idea of Govt controlled medical care is shocking.

I think it is the speed that the control is happening is what is hiding the truth of the power capture.

AMA is not happy with the proposed Medical power play...

Baron's Life said...

agree with you...I think he's going to bankrupt the country and whatever is left of American Industry