Friday, June 26, 2009

Keep Calling and Writting!!!

Vote No on TAX n Trade!!!

I know now why the EPA is hiding their internal study and report. Several things jumped out at me, but there is a gal who has done all the work, of figuring it all out.

Climate Scandal

This is really scary!! Why in the world would anyone Democrat or Republican do a thing like this? There is nothing in this bill that would make a damn bit of difference to the "Global Warming" thing whether or not you think it is or is not happening.

They just hid an internal report that puts 90% of the warming thing to BUNK. Why hide it? Why fire the guy? Why put such a HUGE TAX on us the folks at a time like this for a HOAX their own report DeBUNKS?


Biggest Tax Increase In US History

It just baffles me. They are LYING to us, on Purpose!!!


All you must do is look at the Spain model.

My Representative is Shelly Berkley
She is tentatively voting FOR this GIANT TAX increase on every Nevadian, for no real end purpose. WHY???

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