Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The last several evenings I have seen this flying around Las Vegas. It is uniquely lit inside and quit intresting to see flying around. Not sure how many seats are on or if they are for sale but the flight would be quite interesting. Slow but fun.

So after my stroll I went to the North Las Vegas Airport and took these.

For the last week we here in Vegas have had the very best of the weather. 55-60* at night and 80-83* at 4pm or so. Just marvelous !!!! We can expect another 5 or 6 days just like that! Wow.

Well I had my first stroll of 3 miles and did not think about time at all. I rested all I wanted. I stopped to chat here and there. I stopped to watch birds. From here on out I will take off 5 minutes a day until I can't make it. Then I will work on it.

Here is where I go up and down the stairs. I use the sliding board stairs way on the left. There are 6 steps up and down the first / last is a real challenge. About 1 1/2 normal height. I do that 10 times if I can. A couple times I have only been able to do 3 or 4.

This is one of the concrete bench that are placed all over the park. I rest on these and the picnic tables that are around the short loop of this park.

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