Thursday, October 2, 2008

No Stroll this morning.

Turns out Nori and I both have semi-annual checks early today. Mine is with a new Primary care Doc with "Tri-Care" slowly weening from the VA system.

On the lighter side .. Yesterday at "Trader Joes" (TJs)

While at TJ's I was standing next to the Coffee tester stand , the lady had cookies to test too. So I was standing there testing... The coffee was a tad too weak for me. A good flavor but weak. The cookie was pretty good.

So along comes this lady with a bag of what looked like those fancy potato chips. I got 1/2 a cookie in my mouth 1 and 1/2 cookies in my left hand, a tiny cup of coffee in my right hand and the gal asks if I would like to check out the chips. Well one not to let a free chip go by I say yup, so hiding 1 1/2 cookies in left had I accept a large chip between first finger and thumb of left hand. Quickly swallow 1/2 a cookie and then take a large bite out of the chip.

Well it takes a crunch or 2 to start to register in the brain..... Then it hit... Have you ever had Wasabi ? Wasabi is Japanese horseradish. Well I got a mouthful of it in the form of a chip. I have munched it some and got it wet and sticky and it is stuck to my tongue. Whew sinuses immediately drain out and clean out and I have a fire on the end of my tongue. I try to wash it off my tongue with coffee, the fire goes out fairly quickly but the first shock wave, with fire and sinus cleaner was a real eye opener.

The moral here is I should be a tad more careful about testing things at TJ's...

Right next to the coffee pot was that RED flower. Theses two pictures don't do it justice, but it was the reddist little flower I have seen in a good while.

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