Friday, October 17, 2008

Morning Stroll and Park

Whew! what a stroll, I am doing very well and think I will progress right along. This picture is looking East, SE, probably 15 minutes before sunrise. I should have waited for sunrise right there or close to there, it was quite pretty. I will have to adjust my timing on my walk so as to be in a good position for it.

This morning I walked 3893 steps 2.4 miles and I think I can do that much every day for the near future. WoHoooooo!!!

Next week I have an appointment Monday at 8 am and Tuesday I have to go see Dr Narcisis, my hernia surgeon at 9 am. So my morning strolls will be adjusted.

I think it will take more than this next week to cover all of the trails on this park. When I got there, there were already several folks walking, and some walking dogs. 1 oriental guy was really scooting along, and seemed to know all the regular users of the park.

I like this park already and will try to cover it well over the next few days.
Looking West past the picnic bench I could have stopped at.

There are more than a appropriate number of benches along the trails. However good ole` Pap I chose one loop around the ball fields, pictures to come soon, and there was a picnic table a bit off the trail but had a side walk to it I could have used, but no I wasn't ready yet. Well next time I will be!! To pass the couple benches I passed and pass the picnic table, the loop I took from there around to parking lot and back to a bench was 1400 steps. WHEW!! Had to stop, but no sit down, just rest while standing. Anyway I made it but I won't do that again.

While walking I have a very efficient guard Cat insuring all of my Hi cost toys are not being pilfered by some gangster

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