Monday, October 20, 2008

Morning Meeting

My morning appointment this morning was with a Psycho Doc. Kind of a neat guy, anyway there is no question I am more than just a tad LULU.

I had a nice stroll yesterday and found out I was mistaken in the name of the park I have been walking at in the morning. Seastrand is the name of the park I am walking at.

Eldorado park is down the road a 1/4 mile or so and does not have baseball fields.

As I strolled around the park I noticed that there were some "Orange Road Cones" over several light post stands, of several light posts.

After a little stroll I stopped and chit chatted with a lady with an infant out getting some fresh air. She informed me of the park name and what the cones were for. Some young men used a vehicle to knock over the missing poles and then hook up to the wire and pulled the wire out between the poles. After an evening or 2 of this they were caught.

After that I was headed to the coffee shop and saw this gals car parked at Scoundral's II so I stopped to say hi how she doing? She was playing electronic bowling. Seem pretty neat game. Anyway they seemed to be haveing a good time. She is in Real Estate and said business had picked up a little for her.

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