Thursday, October 23, 2008

Morning Stroll

Sunrise, looking from the walkway in the park I have been walking. I am 3 or 4, 100 yards East of the ball fields. I took several pics, a couple right before the Sun broke the horizon and several while it broke the horizon to when it was a full circle. This was the 1st full circle.

Then I walked the short loop to a place where I had a reasonably unobstructed view of the mountains just South of Mt Charleston. Many call this Red Rock however this is the just East of Red Rock. About 3 or 4 minutes after the sun was all the way above the Eastern horizon.

Anyway you can see that even though you are surrounded by homes you still have quite a scenic stroll in this park.

This morning I started very early and it was the coolest morning this year. We are expecting 76* today and warmer the rest of the week. I had long sweat pants and a vest this morning.

I decided to go all the way around the long loop for the first time. I had to adjust when and where I stopped to rest because there are two parts of the long loop where it is farther between benches than I normally go. I walked the outside/long loop then took several pics then the inside loop and I used the kids slide to go up and down 6 steps 10 times. Then 1 more loop around the ball fields, back to the benches behind the ball fields

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