Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morning Stroll and Early Though

The sun actually breaking the horizon. The contrail just above the sun looked pink to the naked eye.

I had a good walk this morning however I am going to change my near term goal. I was going to go 3 miles and reduce the time by 5 minutes every day. Well I will change that to 2 miles timed. I will time 2 miles tomorrow and decide how much to reduce the time per day until I can't make the time. There are several reasons for the change. Mostly I don't want to hurt myself to the point it takes a long time to get well.

This is just before the sun broke the horizon, it was quite orange and a large glow ball. Seems there must be some water in the air this morning.

My thought is ...? Why is Bill Ayers a respectable member of the upper middle class and Sarah Palin contemptible?

Have any of you seen the Halloween House in Hollywood that has Sarah Palin hung?

Who is it that decides what is a hate crime? What Party do you suppose those persons are.

What do you suppose would happen if Obama were hung?

Trick or Treat LOL

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