Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Morning Stroll and Parks

Wow never got to the Thought of the day yesterday. I'll try and slip one in today.

I had a great walk this morning. The one thing I haven't mentioned much is how many others are using a park. Well this is the smallest park I have been going to so far, and this morning there were 20 other folks walking the park. One group of 5 with a tiny dog and the rest were groups of two or three. There was 1 other single guy walking alone this morning. 20 is more than the other 2 parks I have gone to and talked about. This park is being well used in the morning.

I noticed today, it seemed to me the benches here are lower than the benches in the last 2 parks. I will have to measure and go back to the other 2 parks and check.

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