Saturday, October 25, 2008

Morning Stroll and Early Though

Just a gorgeous morning here. I will go out and get in to it here shortly. Slept in a tad this morning, that doesn't happen very often.

I never finished yesterday. The afternoon before that I went out to get a few days of fruit. I know the pears look a tad roughed up but I get the ones that are perfect to eat, not look at. I got two different kinds of oranges. The last few times I have gotten oranges there have been these "Valencia" oranges from CA and they have been the best Oranges I have had in the last couple 3 years. Well there was a stack of oranges right as you walked into the produce area of this store. They were very Pretty, stacked up nicely and a bright pretty orange color. They were "Navel" Oranges from CA.

So here I got these Valencia oranges in a giant box on a pallet on the floor, 3Lbs for 99 cents and up on a counter beautifully stacked and a bright orange there are these Navel oranges 54 cent a Lbs.

Navel on the right here.
So I get 2 lbs Navel and 6 lbs Valencia.

So here we have breakfast and a careful test as to which one is the best.

OOOOOOOOOOooooooHHHHHHHhhhhhh no not the cat food LOL

So as I recall from yesterday by this point I am about ravished and really ready to get after this fruit!! Because it is late Oct I get a nice juicy Pear added to my breakfast. Because I am doing a scientific taste test I get an extra orange for breakfast.

So you know the lower right has the Valencia.
Upper left Navel, lower left pear.
Upper right bannananana already munched some, there was more than that.

Well I took a piece of the Navel orange and it was more like a lemon that an orange. I puckered up and shivered a tad and my eyes squinted damn near shut. Whew!!!! Anyway the Valencia was just the same as the last batch, best juicy, sweet orange, best I've had in the last couple years.

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