Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Med Update

Good Morning!!!, Yesterday I had an appointment with the surgeon that did my hernia operation. He was quite impressed with my progress. I need not see him again unless I have a problem.

My physical limitations are predicated on pain or being tired. He said any training incorporating abs or tummy muscles if it hurts stop if I get tired stop. Pretty simple orders. I should be able to comply with them. Smiley face ;}

This morning I went to the park I am currently evaluating. I was cool with more of a wind than I like to walk in. I was in shorts too, so I only did a short walk.

A very big crowd this morning and with the wind I thought a little unusual. All were very friendly, and those with dogs had control of their dog.

I managed to gut out 4399 steps and 2.7 miles, so I did well for me at this point.

All the benches along the walk trails are concrete so they are hard and cold LOL. I may want to carry a pad as I walk on cool or cold days, so I can rest without sitting on a cold hard ICE cube of a bench. LOL

First loop this morning before sunrise, looking East.

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