Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morning Stroll and Early Though

Pre Dawn yesterday....

Somehow I did not get a post in yesterday. I had an absolutely wonderful stroll and walked a tad more than I will as I am trying to shorten my time on a distance. I walked a tad over 5 miles yesterday and had plenty left. So from today on I will drop that to 3 miles for the morning walk. Whatever the time is I will try to take 5 minutes off a day till I get it where I want it.

This is just as the 1st edge of the sun came over the edge of the horizon.

My early morning thought is that it just baffles me that Obama's passed associations are so very irrelevant. In the Ayers case when I hear that Obama was 8 when he murdered folks in the pentagon, calls into question the mental integrity of the person who says that. As Obama says "Spread the Wealth" and explains his "Welfare" program you just have to look at two of his most influential associates to know where those ideas came from.

Sunrise looking West

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