Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sat Morning

Yesterday I went to get some fruit. There are 2 stores I normally get fruits and veggies from, they both use as close to us as they can for most produce and veggies. I live in the desert but pretty centrally located to 4 of the major veggie growing areas west of the Mighty Mississippi. I think the farthest one is the one in Salinas valley CA. These oranges were 3 Lbs. 99 cents. They are Valencia oranges, generally thought of as a juice orange.

So the point of bringing this up. In the next counter there were some very pretty oranges and they were navel type orange and $1.54 cent a Lbs. Now before you read it where do you suppose they came from? Australia!! ???

For goodness sake, how in the world do you, can you, think you could pick an orange, get it to port, load it on a boat, send it across an ocean, off load it, put it on a truck, drive right past the Valencia patch, to the desert and put it in a store and compete for price and taste? Well I bought 2 of them. No juice and almost no flavor!!..

Here the tags on the oranges are from California.

Almost ready!!!

Well yesterday went very well. I finished the day with 5692 steps and 3.63 miles. !! Wow for me I think that is pretty good. My right ankle hurts more than my dadburn belly ?? Oh well I will keep after it.

Ready to eat!
Wow great !!! The orange was very sweet and very juicy!!

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