Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well I got me a new upper

Well I got me a new upper.

Not without a fair share of turmoil.

I must remember I am about a month from going to San Diego for the evaluation to receive a new knew electronically assisted knew. Must keep a good and positive attitude. Whew!!

I should have taken or had Subie take a few pics of me trying to put it on.

It was a real goat Rodeo. My fabulous blue parachute bag I used to put on my old prosthetic tore down the seem.

I am going to a place that provides Brand New Prosthetics so I assumed ...: made an ass of me...; that they would also provide the tools you need to put the damn thing on.

Well I wont go into the details... I got it on ...

First few tentative steps.

A few adjustments later and shorten it up some and it felt pretty good.

Subie putting all the parts back together, in her little work shop with all her tools and toys.

My knee on a box while the tube gets trimmed to length.

Well after a few of those adjustment and 3 or 4 on and offs with the leg I was outta there.

When I got home, first thing I did was turn my parachute inside out sew it back together, then turn it right side out through a tiny tiny hole. Mend the hole and poof back in business.

You can see the hardware that connects top to bottom.
Also the seem repair ...

Can't see the place I turned the bag inside out of, hahhahaha

I will update you again soon as to fit and adjustments.

Front and side view,

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chessie said...'s amazing how hard somethings get to Who'da thunk they wouldn't provide what is needed to make the job go properly and smoothly...your not supposed to have things smooth I guess!

Pappy...your really looking good...glad to see you looking so fit!