Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nancy Pelosi

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B said...

The BITCH has to go!!!!!!!!!

Pappy said...

I agree we have to get her removed as speaker of the house. She is 2 heartbeat from the Presidency.

However lets use a bit better language to get her removed.


chessie said...

she's proven herself to be a blatant lier now... (not the 1st time, I know, but this is beyond what most can over look in my book.) At the very least, to say she did nothing because she was waiting for the Presidency to change in her outright ludicrous.

If water boarding so outraged her...with the position of power she welds...she should of, could of done something if it really did bother her...she's lied again to save her fricken image... trouble is... all she's done is brought forward her cowardly, back stabbing ways. She needs to be removed....NOW.

Pappy said...

You really have to wonder why in the hell we are even debating this. There were 3 TERRORIST the procedure was used on.

It is obvious to me and brings to light, who wants us to Win and who wants us to Lose.

Thanks Ches well said...