Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holy Cow is it Fri Yet?

I had a great weekend!!

Went to a great party Fri eve for an 89 year old gal. She was quite spry and then another gal showed up and it was her 90th birthday.

The gal on the left is the one who happened to have the same birthday and was 90 years old. She was dam near as spry and quit quick witted. I chatted with her for some time and she very interesting to chit chat with.

Then after we sang Happy Birthday we have the Young and the Experienced serving the cake. Notice several Yellow roses on the cake and one on the neck of the server. The server also had a purple rose on her arm.

I will put a couple more pics up in a bit I have to run.

It was a good party with lots of attendees all had a good time!

Gotta run !!! All is well


chessie said...

I think I recognize this place!

Pappy said...

The Draft House.

A Green Bay Bar to say the least.

Great place to eat and they brew a couple 3 pretty good beers.