Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny thing happened on the way to the park

Yesterday I had a sonogram of my femoral arteries, no alarms, just normal preventative information.

Anyway on checking in, there was a cute little gal that checked me in. She was sporting an interesting tattoo that was still in progress, and I ask her if I could take a picture.

Her next sitting for more work is in late June, I ask her to call me and I would come down and update the pics.

So now I am just sitting around waiting my turn and get called and head in for my sonogram. I get in there and we chit chat on how is her daughters, same gal did me last year.

Talk about the process, then I start to get ready and notice I do not have my "parachute" bag I use to put my leg on.

I can't take my leg off if I can't put it back on. Nope don't have one in the car either. Any way we discuss what to do. I don't want to reschedule, because I need this data for my semiannual check up with main doc.

So we decide ok we will do the sonogram and she has a wheel chair and she will wheel me and my leg out to the car after we are done. I can drive no problem, then get a little help on the other end.

As we are about done I get to thinking what else I can use. I ask has she any hose or pantyhose, nope. Then I think trash bag, she reaches in her tote bag and dumps her lunch out on her desk and has a Wal-Mart in hand.

Well sure enough I put that flimsy plastic bag on leg and ease the end of it out the vent plug of prosthetic. Put my leg in and start wiggling leg and pulling on the bag and sure enough, poof my prosthetic is on!!!

Thanks Kathi you are a real get the job done kinda Gal....

Thanks again

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chessie said...

Mother of invention oh hey...you remember them? LOL

Yeah...I'm glad you didn't have to call anyone on the home side of your trip to help you...
Be well Pappy