Friday, May 15, 2009

Is it Friday yet ?

I go to a "Spanish/Mexican" "Hispanic" What would be politically correct here LOL.

This place is owned and operated by Mexicans, and 95% or more of the people who work there are either Mexican or Mexican/Americans. This company has 3 or 4 stores here in Vegas.

I am lucky enough to live pretty close to one. I love to go there and get my veggies and fruit. I usually go 2 or 3 times a week. Most everyone that works there knows me LOL, I am treated very well too.

Anyway to the point I went there a couple 3 days ago and dadburn if they didn't have a Band playing and singing out in front of the place.

They had 4 different guitars 2 ladies with violins and a couple 3 horns.

Pretty neat outfits too. A lot of silver.

Check out the bow ties, :>)


Stonewall said...

We lived in Chandler, Az for about 10 years and you would see these mariachi's (sorry for spelling) at quite a few places and damn if they weren't all very good.

Pappy said...

Thanks for stopping by, bless you and your grandchildren.

I have been to Chandler often.

I love all the roads North of there, and a couple on the East side.

Ride safe.

chessie said...

Pappy, how cool is that? I miss being in the West...
How long did you stay to listen?

Pappy said...

Until they stopped for a rest.

I will try to put together some pics of why I go to that store.