Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OK I will build a Salad

Start out with 1/2 a nice red tomato, a firm medium cucumber, and a leaf or 2 of lettuce. I often times mix 1 leaf red leaf lettuce and 1 leaf iceberg. Today I just wanted the crunch or iceberg.

Peal the cucumber then I use the slice side of a shredder to slice up the cucumber, chop the lettuce up and cube up in small pieces the tomato. Again depends on the mood sometime I will slice tomato and lay slices like a hand of cards,next to a pile of something else. Today Cubed.

Clean up and trim 4 or 5 green onions, take an inch or so off of the green tops and chop them and add to the lettuce pile

Cut 4 or 5 red radishes into little munchies pieces

Ta-Daaaaaaaaa !!! Add a little salt and pepper some light olive oil and a tad of red wine vinager, and there ya go

Pap's Salad

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