Monday, May 18, 2009

A little Compare

I didn't do too well on getting pictures of all the products I normally look for. I will do better here soon. It was kind of a spur of the moment thought.

Not Scientific but I will try to be objective.

A good example would be Oranges. Sometimes my veggie place, no names here, has "Navel" oranges 10 lbs for a $0.99. Normally they are 3 lbs for $0.99.

For the most part since about Mar, they have been Very Good!!. When they don't look too good or they are 10 Lbs for a buck I buy one and eat it on site LOL.

Now at my place they give me an orange and paper towel when I walk in. They even let me have a mango once. They had 3 for a dollar for Mothers day. All other stores were about a dollar or more for 1 mango, even street venders were about 60 70 cents a piece. Anyway they expect me to test now I think.

Back to Oranges, a batch or 2 ago, I had to shop around for a sweet orange. ...
Hence my comparison...Now I like "My Store" all the better.

This is not ONLY a price comparison. I would not continue to buy fruit and produce if the taste and freshness did not meet my personal standards.

I wish I took the time to photo the veggies I got too. I got a pretty batch this last visit to my fruit and veggie store.

I will show a couple of comparisons.

$0.50 cents a LBS for Bananas I try to get them so every day I get a pretty ripe one I like em a tad riper than most folks.

Same for Granny Smiths, This time of the year I get grannys...

5 Cucs for a Buck, and they are great!!

Onions normally 4 or 6 for .99 that day it was 2 for .99 and

Red leaf was 0.69 out of the picture sorry trust me.

Usually .69 to .89 I have seen $1.29 did not buy that day LOL

These limes are great too I use 1 on my salad, I will show ya a salad here in a day or 2

These avocados are about 1/2 way between the small 4 for $5 and the 1 for $1.69 each... These are 3 for $0.89 !!! I bought as many as I thought I could use before any went bad. Yesterday I made a Avocado and tomato sandwich. Wow, was it great! I will take a pic of that next time I build one ;>)

/// Those signs are in hi density ticket areas. Now how does that guy know that LOL.

In case I get a ticket on the way or way back.. LOL

...//// Red Leaf

Couple onion types, I get both type from time to time, but I get the green onion bunches every trip they look and smell good, at my place.

Notice also the cucumbers 2 for $3.00

I get cucumbers most every week they have good ones.

The big ones here are $1.69 EACH! sorry I wobbled on the pic LOL..

These little ones are 4 for $5.00

These navels are $1.50 a Lbs

The Limes are 3 for a buck

Here we have my cat's fruit basket.

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chessie said...

Looks gorgeous fresh fruit and veggies.