Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yesterday's Fit

Well all in all things went well!! The material is extremely hard, so very hard to be comfortable.

Then a couple fittings later... Heat it, bend it, cut some off, grind a little here, grind a little there, and poof it felt pretty good. I was trampsing around quite well.

So in a week or so we will have a fitting with the real material. I may walk out of there with a new upper socket. I didn't like the valve that was in that one I will see if I can get the kind I have on this socket. Also we will move the valve down and to the left a tad.

Subie sent me a picture of the patch that she will put on the stiff part of the socket. Probably centered a 1/3 of the way from the bottom.

I am sure she will make it look good...

All in all it was good and I am ready for the new one.


chessie said...

Yahooo! Looks great Pappy...and the patch will match your flag shirt very well...do you still have that? You were so handsome in it...I had such a good time with you.

Pappy said...

Yes I do!! Save it for big days so It doesn't get washed too often. But Yes is the answer. I call it the Declaration shirt because it has the Preamble and flag on one side and the declaration and signatures or the other.

One of my favorite shirts too! Thanks...