Monday, April 20, 2009

Wait till You see Our Solution

Move Over, Berni Madoff

Well, Bernie, a sixty-five billion dollar scam, eh? Sorry, Pal, you’ve been one-upped! Our new president has devised the mother of all Ponzi scams! Compared to him, you’re bush-league. He’s conducting a scam in the trillions of dollars. Not only is he doing it with adoring masses, abetted by his congressional accomplices - he’s made it legal!

When Charles Ponzi brought it to America, who would have thought it would eventually become refined to the level achieved by our President? How has he, perhaps unwittingly, disguised its components? The parts are all there: investment, promise, bait-and-switch, deceit, misappropriation, and return crumbs.

I have been whining for the past couple weeks about the "Government" having all the "Solutions"
Well go read this... Obama's Ponzi Scheme There is no way that I could have written this as well as he did.


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