Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Upper

Went for the fitting of the "test" / clear upper yesterday afternoon. This is the part that holds me to the prosthetic. It is accomplish by creating a vacuum. You will be able to see the hole where the vacuum plug will be placed.

Here it is in a couple of views.

Then I used the normal procedure, with the parachute like bag, to put my residual limb into the prosthetic.

Here is the front view. I will do better with the camera next week, we were in a hurry for some damn reason. You can see where the vacuum plug will go. Here I am holding it on with my hand. When I put it on a chair and put any weight on it I was coming out the hole for the plug.

This is the view from behind. On the bottom of the residual limb you can see a small void. That always seems where the air pockets sneak in on the upper I have now. Sometimes I can not get the air to move around to the vent so I have to take the prosthetic off to get it adjusted. That is one of the reasons we are making the new one.

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chessie said...

Pappy, thanks for being forthright and showing us what's up...I have no idea how involved, intense, and exact the proper fitting of a prostheses is. I'm learning though...