Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama says he will bankrupt coal industry

Remember this?

I see the fight to close coal fired electric is starting to poke it's head into conversations again. We are having local commercials against coal electricity on all the local stations.

We get most of our electricity from the Hoover/Boulder dam, however when LA needs extra, the grid managers shuffles suppliers around, and we get a bunch from a coal fired plant 40/50 miles NE of Vegas on highway 15, out in the middle of nowhere.

If they (who are they?) are successful in shutting that power plant down electricity around here would get pretty spendy.

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chessie said...

My brother is a Chief of the Boat for a tow boat company that plies the Mississippi River. The main product they push up and down the river? Coal. I can't imagine how much worse our economy would become with the phasing out of coal fired power plants.

I couldn't afford the electicity if they were to shut down those plants up and down the eastern seaboard.