Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Prosthestist

My new prosthetist is a Biker Gal.

Subie say it like Sue Bee.

What the hell is a Prosthetist? Well she is the gal building my new leg!
She also, in the very near future, will get me sent to San Diego to to be evaluated to receive a bionic leg.

I will try to get photos as it is built that might be interesting.

Anyway ....Here she is in my garage ready to get started.

She road over on a Honda Shadow. I failed to get a picture.

Hell of a photo journalist Ha?

Yesterday Morning she came over to help me do my Monthly maintenance check ups. Check all the oil levels, change the gas out, check air in tires and so on.

At least one time every other month I like my bike to run around the block so the shifter is operated, oil gets flung all around in the primary case.

The main Transmission gets oil on all of it's parts. Clutch and brakes get exercised, and so on. The tires stay round no flat spots from sitting on 1 spot low air for long periods.

Anyway after several checks and rechecks My little baby started in about 2 seconds of the first button push I was pretty proud of her.

So after a couple start ups and gas leak repairs. I guess taking the gas line off and pulling on it to get it into a bottle to catch the bad gas weakens all the other attachment points. LOL

At any rate she fired right up every button push ;>) I was happy with that!

Subie jumped on her and ran her around the block a couple times.

Then Subie suited up and headed out to get her on the road and really exercise all the systems. She had a nice little ride on my hot rod and all of her (my hot rod) systems functioned well.

WHEW!!!! She made it back with no maintenance problems

Subie said the rear brake seemed not just right so I will keep that in mind, in any future use. I will clean the pads and rotor before next use. The pads are new maybe 2 or 3 hundred miles. Same with the front brakes and both front and rear tires. She also said the clutch was quite hard. Well the clutch is a hydrolic system so that indicates that the system needs to be purged. I will do that on the next maintenance check up. A pain in the ass but that is what I get for letting it sit around so much.

Keep ya updated.


chessie said...

Hi Pappy, sigh...someone has to do it...I'm glad it's the gal who is getting your leg and your life back for you....but...ah I love your sweet hot rod!

You be well Pappy....

Pappy said...

I still haven't decided, remember I said back in Nov last yr then again this past Feb I would decide in May. I might move that to June. If I get that "C" leg, I showed a month or so ago, could drastically change my physical capabilities. I sure want to ride, so I will decide soon.

If I can't ride it like I stole it I get rid of it and find another rush.

Life too short to piss it off.