Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Station

USS Bainbridge (DDG 96)
Is now on Station.

I bet they have some seals on that ship too.

The Bainbridge, named in honor of Commodore William Bainbridge who served in the war against the Barbary pirates....

Lets Giggle about Terrorist holding American Hostages


"Joker" said...

Yeah, real fucking funny. If there is a God, he should make her spontaneously combust.

Pappy said...

There is a God Joker.

I think we can have a VERY different opinion on a situation without wishing a harmful outcome on someone not our physical enemy.

I am angry about the "Giggle" but my anger is pointed at the terrorist Pirates.

Lets take a moment and pray that Secretary Clinton changes her attitude and has the strength to take on our Enemies with Strength and power.

"Joker" said...

Sorry Paps, I may go to hell for it, but I despise that woman. I think she is genuinely evil, and I do consider her an enemy. I can't make her my physical enemy without getting locked up, but if I had the means to make her go away without fear of punishment, I would. I don't like to have to think of a person that way, but she makes my skin crawl.

In this case I'm putting myself in the position of that merchant Captain's family. Their loved one is facing possible death and our Secretary of State is making light of it on the news. Condi Rice would never have acted so callously on camera. I think it's indefensible.

I do agree with you absolutely that for all our sakes let's hope she can do her job. I can hope, yet still not be confident. A storm is coming, and personally, I don't have faith in that woman to shut the windows before the rain gets in.

chessie said...

If she could do her job, wouldn't there already be an outcome that reflects strength and integrity of the American People.

If someone could do their job, the seals would have slipped over the side of the ship, swam unseen beneath the lifeboat, recon the boat, kill the bastards and get our guy. What a bunch of ass kissing pussies we got running the show.

If the guy could slip over the side unseen as he did once that tells ya how close they were watching him. Christ on a crutch...we could of got him the 1st night. Instead of all this hand wringing. I'm sick.

Webster World said...

This women sickens me as well. Idiot she is.

Pappy said...

Me too Joker... I just try to be civil in my distrust and distaste.