Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's Thought

Today I have another fit for my new upper.

The semi-clear plastic part in this view is kind of what I am trying on today. It is a little different product and will become the mold from witch they build my new upper final product.

You would be surprised (I think you would anyway) to know that the weight bearing area is actually very, very small area. You can see the yellow discolored area of the inner piece. Well the weight bearing area is from the yellow spot to about and inch and 1/2 to the left of the yellow area. Centered just above the rivet in the flesh colored piece.

Today Subie will have the clear part with a vacuum plug in it. Then we can see if we can develop a good vacuum, and fits properly. Also it will either have a peg leg like the old Pirate with a little foot but no knee, or an attachment piece that hooks up to my knee. At any rate the objective is to get weight on it, to check and adjust the weight bearing area is right and not painful. Then check the vacuum with weight and movement.

Now of course I will throw in a little glitch. I won't bore you will pictures LOL (Too much info). I got a damn pimple right in the middle of the weight bearing area. I call it a pimple for lack of a better word. It is bigger and meaner than the run of the mill pimple.

Anyway, any sore inside the socket area,requires immediate proper care. I have been extremely lucky I have not had any kind of rash, sore, pimple, ingrown hair, or any other kind of abrasions that plague the above knee amputees, in the last 18-20 Months. Why now that I am fitting for a new socket?

Plain ole` luck I recon.

I will try to get some pictures this afternoon, and add any updates to my situation.

In the mean time ...

Occupy some time here LOL

Off to see Subie


Anonymous said...

Bionic Biker?

Good luck with that fitting. Can they put enough metal in that to help trigger red lights? lol.

Ride on,

chessie said...

Actually Pappy, I remember last year, you were having this same issue with the "pimple."

I'm sorry you've got it back again.
I'm happy you have Subie to help you with the fitting...finally, someone who is thinking with her heart as well as her brain?

Hugs to you Pappy...I do hope your able to get that mean assed pimple problem solved, and the skin back to health...

Pappy said...

Torch, Hell I never thought of that!!

However probably not. All the metal is either aluminum, or titanium. The rest is plastic or fiberglass.

That reminds me... wow I never took a picture of the foot. I need to do that maybe I will this next weekend.

The hinge on the knee is plastic and a couple pieces of Aluminum. Then the tube to the foot is Titanium. The foot is an Aluminum attaching plate and a piece of spring steel covered with a foot looking piece of soft plastic.

The fitting went well.

Thanks for the good wish

Pappy said...

Chess, Wow it seems longer ago than that LOL. Well it is about gone. It went better than I thought, glad the fitting was not Sunday. The last one lasted a week or more this one is about gone no pain at all this morning.

Fitting went well If pics are good I will blog it today.

Subie got an eagle with 2 flags somewhat like the one on the right side of my gas tank. She will put it on the socket. I will call her see if she can send me a pic of the patch. Damnit I forgot when she showed it to me.

We adjusted it several times and I think we got it where we will have an easy time working on the real material.

We go it where I could walk really well. The material is really hard and stiff quite difficult to get comfortable. I felt pretty good and could probably walk pretty far even though it is so stiff. So I feel confident we are on the right track.

Whipped that mean ole` pimple this time !! Barely have a reddish spot this morning and zero pain.

Cleaned every thing extra well last night and this morning. Put it on this morn and am hopping around like a child !!

Maybe it was you and Torch's good wishes.