Friday, April 10, 2009

Totally Embarrassed!!!

Being an X GI, and having spent most of my adult life defending the US Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic,

I am embarrassed for America.

UMmmmmmmmmmm's the word from the President?

We have the best trained special Ops guys in the world, and 4 terrorist having a US Hostage for this many days is just plain embarrassing to me.

This fella would not stand for it.
Dick Marcinko

The guys in this outfit would put em in the right place to take care of business.

I just can't believe 4 little twirp terrorist can hold an American, this many days and a US Navy ship is in the area.

Totally Embarrassed!!!


"Joker" said...

Maybe Obama will restore diplomatic relations with Iran and open up a US Embassy for them to take over again. Then, ABC News can start the hostage countdown on Nightline again just like old times. Even better, "President Barack Obama today announced the appointment of former President Jimmy Carter as a special envoy to Iran. The President cited Mr. Carter's lifetime dedication to the world peace process, and his experience in handling the hostage crisis of 1979."

Webster World said...

Joker, that's good. Carter and Iran? Yea right. Barack must not have done well in history. It's not as bad as Hillery and that appointment. That was stupid. And what do they mean pirates came there to show support for the four lowlifes. Our Navy should just detain them NOW. If Obama is anything like Carter we are in deep shit.

chessie said...

I've been wondering why our elite snipers aren't swimming recon around the boat at night, shooting the stupid bastards and bringing our man home? What a bunch of mamby pampy crap have we gotten ourselves into now? Christ on a crutch, I bet Arnold is ashamed of our Girly Boy President...sure would like to be a fly on the wall while he's discussing this with his wife...

Pappy said...

Wow we wall agree on this one!!

Carter has always been the worst embarrassment to America.

Obama is now working very hard to take that position over.

I'd rather be a fly on the wall when Obama discusses this with his staff/teleprompter...

Pappy said...

You guys are great thanks.