Monday, April 6, 2009

Spread The Welth

Spreading the wealth is such hard work!!

I will be getting measured for a new upper part for my leg.

I was also approved to go to San Diego to be evaluated for a "C-Leg"

A huge difference in the capabilities of this knee/leg...

Anyway after I get my new upper, the socket part of my current leg. I will get it all adjusted then have 30 days or so to get used to the new socket. Then off to San Diego.

All those in the evaluation process here in Vegas agree that I am a prime candidate for this hi-tech leg and should be quickly approved for it.

I'll keep ya posted.


Webster World said...

If I may. How did you come by this new leg stuff. And good luck on the new one.

chessie said...

You've always been my hero.

Pappy said...

Webster, I am so sorry I took so long to answer!!!

I had a couple 3 pretty busy days.

I may blog a bit about yesterday if I get the chance.

I had a Doc appointment on a Monday.

The previous Thursday a pain in my left leg developed. I didn't know why but by Saturday morning it was pretty bad but hell I had an appointment on Monday I will just wait and complain then. Well Monday rolled around and I went to doc.

He said holy shit, don't it hurt?!!

I replied well yea but I been shot a couple times don't hurt that bad... LOL
Mocho MF..

Well he called an ambulance and the rest it rapid history.

I had an "Occluded Clot" that's stuck for most of us, and sometime late Saturday or early Sunday I developed Gain Green.

Couple hrs later he whacked it off.

If we ever meet I will give you the long version but that about covers it.


Webster World said...

Wow! thank God you went when you did. I know a bit about clots in the leg. My wife had them when our youngest son was born. Two failed bypass surgery's at Northwestern in Chicago. 23yrs later she is fine but it swells and is painful. Yours was no doubt worse. I'm glad your ok and pray the new leg works just fine. We may meet one day mama and I deserve a time out. I've never been to sin city. She has and though we are not much to just through our money away she says I , we should check it out. There is a lot out there other than crap tables. So maybe one day. I here the present discounts are pretty good right now.

Mimi said...

Hey paps,

Let me know when you're in San Diego. Would love to meet up!