Monday, September 29, 2008

Thought for today

In the course of this Financial Bail Out, I think every American should watch this. This investigation was 2004 - 2005 .

Today as the House votes for the Bailout Package the first vote was
228 NAY.
205 YEA. The Crap Sandwich goes down in flames!!!
I am sure they will vote again, the Dems own the House they wrote the bill, it should pass.

The real crime is WE should not be here in this situation in the first place. The investigation above on Youtube is only one of three that I found.

I know the market didn't like it when the Bill failed. It was down 660 points. I wonder where it will close.

As you can see there in the Youtube 4 or 5 of the folks that were the big stoppers of doing something about it in 2005 are writing the Bill they are voting on today.

It seems to me they should be under criminal investigation, not witting a new law to fix what they themselves caused.

As I get ready to post this, the market is Down 720 points.

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