Thursday, September 25, 2008

Morning stroll

Wow I was full of piss and vinegar this morning 8206 steps 5.1 miles. Whew and I could have gone more. I wanted to save a little for this afternoon. I didn't get too many pics this morning but I share a few. This park has a really nice playground for children. I will use and did today the stairs on the slippery slide. Fairly challenging stairs LOL.

Almost surrounding this childcare's park called "The discovery Park" is a little pond with some falls.

Not a great use of water here in the desert. This park is quite new and I have to wonder after all the pissin and moaning the water authority has done the last 3 years about conserving. How in the world did Aliante get a permit to build the park. Now this park is part of the Vegas park system.

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