Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morning stroll

As I mentioned I went to a new park for me. I will go to all the parks within reasonable distance say less than 10 minutes drive. I will get my little morning stroll and compare flora, cleanliness, aesthetics, and where I walk I need benches.

So I will walk this park for a few days and the others to see what I think of them.

I will provide pictures to help my descriptions. This park is "Aliante" park. It is part of the Aliante total development. Houses of all sizes, shopping, golf course, (I hear is quite nice) and casino.


http://www.aliantecasinohotel.com/ to open in November


So not to advertise... But the park is part of Aliante, not the park system.

Anyway I will enjoy their park for a few days.

There are several hundred of these all around the park in different levels of bloom.

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