Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oil Change

This flower shot is from a friend, Anita who lives in Panama...

I ran into an old friend of mine yesterday. I wish I got a picture. Don't know where my brain was. Anyway her goal in life is to build a shelter for the homeless here in Vegas. Until that happens she works with several groups to help disabled, homeless, battered, and just plain needy. Her heart is in the right place. She was a teacher the last time I saw her. I can't remember but I think it was grade school. I can't believe she gave that career up but she said it just didn't allow enough time to help others. She has a "Higher" calling.

To do that she has started a new business. K&K Mobile Oil Change. Give her a call let her know the make and model of your auto and poof she arrives and changes your oil and filter, checks all fluids and then disposes, properly I should add, of all the waste oil and filters. Her website is here
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turn your volume down there is no control available for you. Or you could skip that and just give her a jingle on


The money not maintaining the business is going to a future shelter for homeless.

Well dadburnit I can't post without a picture ... LOL A Wal-Mart flower

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