Monday, September 29, 2008

Morning stroll and Parks

I had a great stroll this morning. Over the last 10 or 12 days I have been going to the park in Aliante. It has a Discovery park within the park. It has a small pond and we here in Vegas wonder how they got the permit to do that. The pond is quite nice and has ducks, geese and 1 stork that I saw.

The park has sidewalk and lighted walkway all the way to the Library a full block South of the park. That makes the outside loop in the park down to the library around the library and the walkway on the East side of the park back to the Discovery park is .9 Miles.

The park is very well kept! The whole time I have walk I have not seen 1 dog poop.!! Not even 1. There are a couple paved way across the walkway too, so you can change your walk often and not get board.

There are benches and or picnic tables all along the walkways so for those like me who need to rest often can. The whole park is quite pretty and as I said extremely well kept. As an example there was a Fall Festival held there Sunday they had 5 or so of those blow up fun houses where kids can go in and jump around on an inflated floor. Several game booths and several food stands. With all of that the park was still quite nice this morning.

There were trash picker uppers that came by about 6:30 this morning getting any little pieces of trash not in trash cans.

So this a very nice park.
I will post several pictures of the Discovery Park today you can see what the kids have to play with. I climbed all through the 2 towers and shot a few shots from up there.

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