Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tax Cheats Abound

How many TAX CHEATS is President Obama going to hire in his new administration?

On Jan 26 we found that Mr Geithner's Tax Cheating and Evasion, did not disqualify him for the job of overseeing everyone else's taxes.

Now we have Mr. Daschle — who as Senate majority leader enjoyed the use of a car and driver at taxpayer expense — didn’t declare their services on his income taxes, as tax laws require.

During the vetting process to become HHS secretary, Daschle corrected the tax violation, voluntarily paying $101,943 in back taxes plus interest, working with his accountant to amend his tax returns for 2005 through 2007.

Daschle has reimbursed the IRS $31,462 in taxes and interest for tax year 2005; $35,546 for 2006; and $34,935 for 2007, a Daschle spokesperson said, adding that Daschle had asked his accountant to look into the tax implications of the car and driver five months before Obama won the presidency.

It seems to me that these folks are committing TAX FRAUD, cheat on taxes and owe more in taxes than most folks get paid in a year.

This is Change We can Believe In

I'M CONFUSED..................................

How can 2 million folks get into Washington DC in sub zero temps in 1 day?

When 200,000 couldn’t get out of New Orleans at 85 degrees with four
days notice.


"Joker" said...

You've hit upon the very mantra of liberalism..."Do as we say, not as we do."

Love the dig about New Orleans too!

Pappy said...

Thanks Joker!!

Had any good rides lately?

"Joker" said...

None unfortunately, on either bikes or women. At least I know I'll be able to ride the bike in a few months... ;)