Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where Do I get in Line


Webster World said...

Is she saying wellfare?

Pappy said...

No she did not. However the point I was getting at is how do so very many folks think that if President Obama became President that then... She, you , me and all others would then be able to pay for gas, your home, and every thing else etc. etc.

Then where is all THAT money going to come from?. How is it that She,you, me, others, could not pay for gas, child care, home repairs, house payment then poooooooooof we have a new President and now we can pay.

Where is the logic? How can so many believe that would be the case?

If it is the case, then where do you and I get in line?

Webster World said...

I meant humor. You are right I also do not get it. They act like this man is the Messiah. Well he is not. You and I know exactly who will pay. The middle class working man and woman. Tax tax tax. How on earth can he do it with out taxing us. A lot of folks (I included)figures they can tax imports. That is how it was all done 100 plus years ago. And with a lot well most stuff made overseas it only seems right. I'm entering retirement and I have grave concerns as you do. All of them. I don't mind paying a tax. But not the way he will clip us and for what it is for. You know to take from the rich and give to the poor has always fallen on the middle class. I don't mind helping out. My wife and I give. We help folks in need when we can. As far as logic Pappy I think these people are lost dreamers. Wishing life was a fairy tail. But life is hard work self sacrifice and saving for tomorrow. Well let us pray all will turn out for the best.