Monday, January 26, 2009

An Afternoon without a Thought

Here we have Good Ole` John a name he got when he and I were in Germany together. We always had some sort of competition while fishing, and he got the name then, somehow. Here he is reading some instructions on my leg. I think now he knows more about the adjustments available than I do. We have the mechanical parts of my leg working very well, now.

Here is Brenden or Mr."B" as you may wish to call him to get his attention. The yellow shirt was yesterday and today is a white one. Similarly on both days though as you can see is a big grin.

Today he had a Smith&Wesson .45 to clean and take apart and put together several times, until he was comfortable and smooth. So far he is enjoying his visit with "Uncle" Pap

Yesterday he worked several hrs on an M14A. He cleaned it paying particular attention to the gas plug. Another story but he had some malfunctions while shooting it and I found the problem in 1 min. Anyway he took it apart and put it together several times.

Over his right shoulder is a Chinese anti-aircraft gun sight for a set of twin 50 cals, I got out of the A Shau Valley.


chessie said...

OK, well if I read this correctly, John has gotten your leg set so that it functions in a way that you no longer have gravity problems with it? Are you taking extended reach and power walks again? I hope so...
God bless, Pappy.

Pappy said...

Yes to testing in all phases of leg operation. We now have it as good as it has ever been. Now we are adjusting knee flex and extension in #1/2 increments. I will do normal day stuff 4 hrs then another. ect. We are on 2nd 4 hrs of test. I have not put the leg on yet this morn it is 6:30 I will get it on by 7 or so. Keep you posted.