Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Morning Thought

Yesterday I went for a stroll at the park over at Allen and Craig. You could not look for ask for any prettier day for a stroll. When I got out of the car it was 67* and when I finished 5600 step, 3.1 miles, it was 69* when I got back in car.

As I sat on the park benches for my breaks, I day dreamed of motorcycle riding. There was a light breeze from West, but it was <10 mph I was amazed I did not hear more M/C going up and down Craig. I know I would have been 2 years ago.

So every time I rested in the warm sun on a park bench I just hopped on the old Iron Mule and went to Indian Springs, or the Apex as I used to on a day like that.

I went to get a hair cut and then a gym. Trying by the way to get permission to use 24 hr Fitness's whirl pool. 24hr fitness @ Craig and Clayton will not let me in their pool unless I have a certified lifeguard buddy with me.

So now I have been trying to get permission to use their whir pool, but I can't seem to go there at the same time as the Manager. So I have been going to the gym at one of the NLV Activity Centers. Real nice folks and the price is right but no whirl pool. Sure would like to get my right leg in one!

So anyway back to the LV weather and riding. I am trying to get strong enough to ride again safely. I can make the bike ready. Today will be another 65*+ great incentive to work hard.

My real dilemma is do I want to ride? A dangerous past time even in the best of shape. To add a significant disability could be very dangerous. You need your attention to your driving, not on the pain in right leg or whether or not your left foot would fall off the peg. Then you have to stop somewhere.

So what I have done is set May as a time I need to make my mind up one way or the other. So for now I am just normal daily physical and mental maintenance.

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chessie said...

Hi Pappy. Wow, this is a heart felt blog. I know we had spoken of May and the decision ahead of you. I didn't really understand the very real concerns regarding the mechanics of what lies ahead...as well as what you face on a daily basis.

I want you to ride again, Pappy. I would feel very much honored to ride beside you again, with the eagle flying on your tank, and our country's colors worn proudly on your chest. God bless you Pappy...give you strength, courage, and help you find freedom from the daily pain you feel.