Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wendsday has a Thought or 2

Mad Mag...
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This is John checking his E-mail in the master putter Chair...

I will get to the thoughts but they will be about the Spending in the Stimulus Package and reasons not to follow the sheep

John is giving his son a lesson or 2 in the art of the pool hustle.

I will get on the Thoughts here in a bit. I don't believe that giving Congress OUR money to spend is like pissing the money into a big river.

Watch This Another lesson on shot lineup and position...


chessie said...

AMEN Pappy...let me ask it right that a financial institution should use the millions it got in bail out money to by a fricken jet? Or to buy out a competitor? These corporations are not burning old wood, cleaning out the closets, tightening their belts...How could our government just hand over billions of dollars and not have any strings attached to ensure these thieves do what needs to be done to have a solvent company in the future and REPAY the "loans" (I just love the irony of that word in this conversation.)

Pappy said...

Well Chess if that one pissed ya off check Today's post. They have such an imbalance of power in the House that with every Rep voting against the bill and 5 Dems voting against it, it still passed the House and goes to the Senate.

Then check #15 what kind of "Transparency" do you think we will get out of the damn group?

The Senate is the same way a bill can NOT be stopped by Rep.

"O" said he would not sign a bill with any pork in it. Do you see anything that slightly looks like it is NOT pork in this bill?

#3 We are giving money to an Organization that is under Federal Investigation, how is that going to build 1 damn job?

This is Change We Can Believe In...

I recon.