Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morning Stroll and a Thought

Wow yesterday we had a beautiful,beautiful day!! I went for a walk in the park on El Camino, and there were several other folks enjoying the park as I was. It was over 70* and a very light breeze from time to time. We have at least another week of the same predicted.

I like that park because it has a hill that is a bit tough for me. Anyway I sprinted around and had a grand walk! I walked 2.4 mi at a new record pace. However in doing so I have hurt the front potion of my residual limb.

There are two things in play here maybe even three, I think. The first and most important is when I am in a go fast mode I am bringing my prosthesis forward pretty fast and my thigh muscle moves to the right of the end of my bone. Then there is a very thin layer of skin and fat between the end of my leg bone and the liner of my prosthesis.

The second thing is after setting a 2 mi record for me I went up and around the hill 2 times. That tends to make my bone push on the prosthetic almost every step. The weather was so nice and I was excited about speed record, even the effort to scoot up the hill was less than ever before. I just didn't recognize or feel what was happening on the end of my leg bone.

The third thing I think may be going on is I think I need a major adjustment on my inner liner of my prosthesis, or a new one. I think I go too deep into it from time to time and need a way to shim it. Or I need a new liner. Also I need to adjust the knee, I need to stiffen its movement.

Well as I said the weather is super so I need to get out in it. I will finish this eval another day.

Well I went on that little stroll and found how really stiff and painful some parts are. I got a comment from a friend Chesse~ I had already called to get both an appointment at Prosthetic guy, and VA at the place you go to get an upgrade if ya warrant 1. Also they assign you to a Prothetist. I have a small situation (?) with that in that I am also working with TriCare for Life, and will get assigned a Prothetist guy/gal from TriCare too. I don't want things to get too complicated.

The VA appointment will be last Thur of April, this co-insides with my physical decision in regards to my Bike.

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chessie said...

I love these older pictures of you.

As for the great time on the walk...cheers! Perhaps now you should go into your prosthesis team, and show them your new gait?

I'm sure they will discover you need an upgrade!

Keep up the hard work...your my hero...